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Scala Days 2014 – Interesting Talks

Scala Days 2014 – Interesting talks

It is now just over a month ago that Scala Days 2014 were held. At Plot Projects we are big fans of the Scala language so we attended the conference. Of course there were much interesting talks. Maybe you didn’t get the chance to go or you couldn’t see some of the talks because you attended a different talk at that moment. You can see them now at Parleys. If you haven’t seen those, I would recommend taking a look at these. Here is an overview of the talks we at Plot Projects thought were interesting.

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Create An IntelliJ IDEA Project With Library Sources Attached

Create an IntelliJ IDEA project with library sources attached

Most of the time it isn’t convenient to check your project files into your version control system, because they often contain settings specific to your local setup. Additionally project files are difficult to merge when a conflict arises. It may even be the case that team members use a different IDE. Finally, project definitions for your IDE can easily be generated, which is the focus of this article.

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Why We Started Using PostgreSQL With Slick Next To MongoDB

Why we started using PostgreSQL with Slick next to MongoDB

At Plot we initially used MongoDB for persistent storage. However, we recently moved a part of our data storage from MongoDB to a PostgreSQL database. The only data that is kept in MongoDB is the data collected from mobile devices.

This article starts with a short introduction why we moved from MongoDB only to polyglot storage. After that I explain how Slick can be used to read data from your SQL database.

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