Who Is Stynt?

Stynt helps healthcare facilities find healthcare professionals on demand. Once professionals connect with facilities, they use the Stynt app to clock in and out of their job. The hours they clocked in get revised and approved, after which professionals and Stynt receive compensation for their services.


Why Stynt Works With Plot Projects?


Stynt has come across several challenges when dealing with healthcare facilities and professionals:

  • Approximately 10% of healthcare professionals forget to clock in at the job
  • Disputes come up regarding the accuracy of the clocked-in hours
  • 8% of the healthcare facility go around the Stynt platform in subsequent instances

By using Plot Projects’ solution, Stynt aims at meeting two objectives:

  1. Bring transparency to the logistics of their business by confirming attendance of healthcare professionals and monitoring accuracy of their logged-in hours.
  2. Identify noncompliance when healthcare facilities contract workers directly, without using the Stynt platform.

How Stynt Works With Plot Projects?

Stynt has implemented an innovative approach to overcome these challenges. Using Plot Projects, Stynt creates geofences around the participating healthcare facilities and uses them to monitor professionals arriving, staying in and leaving the facilities.

SIDE NOTE: Stynt would like to stress their respect for customer privacy and guarantees their use of geofencing services is strictly limited to monitoring user activities within the premises of partner healthcare facilities


Improving Efficiency of Healthcare Professionals

Stynt case study

1. Helping professionals with confirming attendance when they forget to clock-in

Some newly-hired professionals get excited about the new job, get distracted and forget to clock-in upon arrival. With geofencing services by Plot Projects, Stynt is able to accurately establish the attendance of healthcare professionals and easily resolve disputes over forgotten clock-ins.

2. Assisting professionals with checking the accuracy of hours they have clocked in

Stynt also measures the accuracy of clocked-in hours in case there is a dispute between the healthcare facility and professional. They use Plot Projects to cross-check the time healthcare professionals stay inside the geofence against the the time they “clock-in and -out” in the app to confirm the accuracy.

3. Providing real-time updates to healthcare facilities of professional’s arrival

To further reduce anxiety among clients, Stynt plans to add several larger geofences (half a mile and a mile) around the healthcare facilities and send real-time updates as the professionals get closer to the facilities informing them of estimated time of arrival. If the healthcare professional is not on his way, real-time updates will give Stynt time to find a replacement in a timely manner.

Identifying Noncompliance Among Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are occasionally tempted to go around the platform after the initial use of Stynt’s services by directly contacting the professionals in subsequent instances.

Plot Projects technology enables Stynt to get notified when a professional repeatedly spends working hours at a facility he has previously worked at, but does so without registering service hours on Stynt.

This gives Stynt an opportunity to get involved and communicate their terms of service to the healthcare facility they work with.

medical facility


Monitoring the arrivals, dwell times & exits of healthcare professionals helped both the platform and the professionals by bringing more transparency to the logistics of Stynt’s business

The percentage of noncomplying healthcare facilities was brought down from 8% to 3% for the 1st time offenders, 1% for the 2nd time offenders and 0% for the 3rd time offenders

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