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Digital-only personalization doesn’t work

It’s moments, not routines that people remember. For businesses to stand out, personalization based only on digital behavior isn’t enough anymore.

Where customers go is who they are.  By tapping into their favorite places and frequent habits, you can better understand customer behavior, smarten segmentation, and engage when it really matters. 

Why work with us? 

Plot Projects helps you enrich customer experience with the right moment, then easily apply a dynamic layer of location and dwell-time data across your marketing stack, to make sense of behaviors and refine next-best-actions.

Quick time-to-value

Get your ROI fast with a hassle-free set-up, easy-to-scale campaigns and smooth integration with any of your customer platforms.

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Precise location data, stronger segmentation

Remove blindspots and errors from customer profiles with well-defined motion and dwell-time data, yet ensuring low-battery use.

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Privacy-friendly profile enrichment

Plot Projects is designed for responsible data processing. As Europe natives, we were GDPR compliant before GDPR even existed.

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Connections & Partnerships

From your mobile app to anywhere, enrich profiles and strengthen segmentation across your marketing stack.

Plot Projects is a big part of our user retention strategy, and we feel like we’re just tapping into its potential. We’re planning to use more and more of it in the months to come.”

Julio Boschi

Marketing Supervisor & Analyst


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