What Are Geotriggers?

A geotrigger is a ‘ping’ that a mobile device with your app sends when it enters a geofence. It works in the same way as a geofence, but does not send a push notification to the user.

Instead the information is used in a different way. For example app publishers may want to understand a user’s location history or to call custom code inside the app depending on the user’s location.

Geotriggers can also be used in conjunction with Beacons.

Geotriggers With Plot Projects

With Plot Projects flagship product called Plot Plugin, you can set up geotriggers anywhere in the world within minutes and integrate them into your app. This can be done via the Plot Plugin dashboard, the same place where you create your geofences.

Geotriggers For Customer Intelligence

Geotriggers are mostly used to understand user behaviour in the context of location. App publishers have used geotriggers to understand large scale population movements in a city or to see how long people linger in a place – a bar on a Friday evening for example.

A huge benefit is how quickly and simply it is to collect data and to start gaining valuable customer insights. Data can also be integrated into your own CRM via the Plot Plugin API!

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The Ultimate Guide to Geofencing by Plot Projects

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That’s where we can help! The Plot Projects team have painstakingly put together The Ultimate Guide To Geofencing For Mobile Marketing, where we answer all the questions about geotriggers, geofencing and beacons that you were too afraid to ask.

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