Try Plot Projects For Yourself In Five Easy Steps

The Plot Projects Demo App enables you to:

  • Experience how easy it is to create and send geofencing notifications on your own device
  • Get acquainted with our simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Send yourself a notification without any coding!
1. Create An Account Or Log In

Create a free account on the Plot Projects website.

Directly after creating your account, you will be introduced to your personal dashboard”.

If you already have an account with Plot Projects, just go straight to your dashboard.

google play android plot projects app
2. Download The Demo App

For iOS you can find the free Plot Projects Demo App in the Apple App Store.

For Android you can find the free Plot Projects Demo App in the Google Play Store.

3. Enter Your Token

To enable the Demo App to receive the push notification, you need to enter a six digit token which can be found on the Plot Dashboard in the “Developer Tools” tab.

Go to “Settings” in the Demo App, followed by “Connect To Account” and enter the six digit token.

At this point you will be prompted to allow Plot Projects to access you location information and to send you push notifications. Make sure that you allow both of these things otherwise you will not receive any notifications!

android 6 computer phone
4. Create A Campaign

In the “Notifications” tab, click the green “Create Campaign” button.

Enter a notification message in the “Create Notification for this Campaign” section. Notice how the message automatically appears on the phone as you type!

Scroll down the page to the section titled “select regions for this campaign”On the Google Map, add your location for the geofence. Once you have selected the location, you will notice a red circle appearing in the map. This is your geofence. You can adjust the radius of the geofence by changing the value in the “geofence radius” box. 

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green “Create” button to set your geofence live.

5. Check Your Phone For a Notification

As soon as you enter the geofence, your phone will receive the notification message that you just created!

Lets Get Started!
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