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See how Stynt uses Plot Projects to bring transparency to their business and settle disputes between healthcare facilities, professionals and the platform.

See how Entertainment Promotions use Plot Projects to drive e-commerce sales for a major US online floral delivery service for their Mother’s Day campaign.

Airline case study

See how a European airline uses Plot Projects to engage users, by providing timely flight information and follow-up surveys for when passengers have landed.

Vouchercloud case study

See how VoucherCloud uses Plot Projects to let users know about a great discount when they are near the store.

Coca Cola Case Study

See how Coca-Cola uses Plot Projects via the Civico app to understand people movements throughout a city to optimise marketing and distribution.

Myorder case study

See how MyOrder uses Plot Projects to notify their users when they are near a new place where they can pay with the MyOrder app.

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