Customer story

How a European Airline boosted app engagement

Improving the customer experience is a high priority for one of Europe’s leading airlines. Using Plot Projects’ platform, the airline has been able to:


  • Grow the number of flight reviews after passengers have landed
  • Open up new revenue streams by promoting upgrades before departure

The challenge

Growing and retaining users

The two great challenges for any airline that wants to target its app users at an airport are:

  • To be able to distinguish between the app users that arrive at the airport by air (arrivals) and the ones that arrive by foot, car or other transport to take off (departures)


  • To be able to reach out to app users when they don’t have data roaming.

The solution: improving push segmentation

,Using Plot Projects, this airline has been able to overcome both challenges – segmenting the two app user groups based on the information in their own app, and targeting app users without data roaming. They are able to create geofences around the 200 airports they fly operate from. Based on the segment, the airline sends a location-based and hyper-relevant push notification.

Requesting feedback on touchdown

Using Plot Projects, the airline defined the app user segment for the “Rate My Trip” campaign by combining CRM data, in-app engagement and real-time location data.

Combining the data sources, they successfully identified the right moment to send a highly-relevant push notification – even without data roaming. This ensures that surveys reach the passengers at the right moment – when their memories are still fresh and they have some time on their hands to pass while waiting to disembark.

The airline is no longer dependent on email to gather feedback from their customers. By attaching the “Rate My Trip” survey to specific locations, this airline is able to gather huge amounts of very detailed feedback – customer experience per airport, route, and crew – and do so very quickly. This helps them to improve their customer experience and make changes to ensure that their processes run more smoothly.

Upselling upgrades before departure

In the second use case, the airline has been able to define the app user segment for the “Fast-Track” campaign by determining if app users have a valid boarding pass for this airline, if they are departing from the airport on that day, and if they have enough time before the departure.

Since their app users already have their credit cards added to the app, the process of service upgrade is smooth and quick.

By making the “Fast-Track” service upgrade location-based, this airline is able to boost the engagement of their customers with the suggested offer, increase revenue and the number of repeat business.

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