More info on our support for initiatives that help people safely return to their lives during COVID-19

Plot Projects is committed to supporting projects and initiatives for apps being created to manage how smartly and safely we live with COVID-19. In short:

  • We are now offering our location tracking technology for free for up to 100.000 monthly tracked users (Pricing Growth Plan).
  • We are also supporting apps with a fair pricing policy that need to reach more than 100.000 monthly tracked users (Enterprise Plan).

Organizations can leverage our expertise in a number of ways to complement and strengthen existing COVID-19 apps and initiatives. Here’s how:

Contact tracing

Covid Watch is one of the best examples of contact tracing out there right now. Plot Projects is developing a solution that will enable developers to easily integrate contact tracing via Bluetooth into apps using our SDK.

The technology makes it possible for an app developer to build the app quickly, while also respecting the privacy requirements of governments and health institutions. Data is centrally stored and kept anonymous, meaning that only the data needed for contact tracing is sent.

Our solution is versatile and depends on the requirements of the institution that assigns the app development. Location data can be stored centrally or decentralized on customers’ own servers to guarantee privacy.

We’re aiming to release the new solution in BETA before the end of April. We also anticipate that Google and Apple’s standards will further influence contact tracing.



Apps that help monitor people in quarantine (such as this app in Poland and this app in India) can easily integrate the Plot Projects SDK to keep an update of where people are with a geofence. And, if people leave the geofence, they receive a notification.



Monitoring virus spread

Plot Projects’ location data collection is an advanced tool for organizations that need to collect data about the spread of a virus and the movement of people. This tool is relevant for apps that track people’s health and is based on people’s voluntary participation.

For instance, HealthLynked’s COVID-19 tracker shows the number of registrations via public websites such as John Hopkins University and WHO. With people’s volunteered information the app could give insights into who has which symptoms and how the virus is spreading.

For apps that want to collect location data: simply add our SDK, inform the users and start collecting the data.

Community help

Many apps are available to help individuals and communities easily support one another at this time of crisis. Roodkappje, for example, matches volunteers to elderly individuals who need assistance with their shopping.

Initiatives can leverage our tools in apps to localize and connect their volunteers real-time to those who need their help. Organizations like the Red Cross could use the location data to make it easier for their volunteers to carry out their noble mission.

Safe shopping and crowd management

As people have to keep a safe distance in supermarkets, shops have long queues. People want to know when they should go out to avoid a queue or when it is safe. For that reason in Italy ShopFully created an application in BETA where people can see how long the waiting times are. The app gathers data for the queuing times with users contributions and Plot Projects geofencing technology, combined with extra layers of intelligence added by ShopFully.

Other applications

While we’ve highlighted some of the main ways we see Plot Projects can (and will) add value to how we manage COVID-19 and live safely, there are a number of other ways that organizations and their apps can utilize our smart geofencing and location tools, for the crisis or not.

Plot Projects is available to help you take those ideas to the next level or help you integrate our SDK into your existing app.


Privacy matters

Data privacy is a sensitive topic when addressing the COVID-19 crisis, the eventual “unlock” down and safe living into the future. Our SDK has flexible configuration, allowing you to adjust it to your requirements. By design, our tools do not collect data for users who opted out from location and/or notification services.

All the location insights are encrypted and associated with anonymous IDs. Data is owned by the app user and controlled by the app owners. Plot Projects acts as a data processor and follows standard data security protocols. On top of this, you can request to delete all the data from the server after 14 days – or not store it at all.

How can location tracking and intelligence help during COVID-19?

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