Who Is Civico?

Civico is a community mobile app that enables users to search for things around them. This ranges from places, news, entertainment, sports, movies, deals, bicycles, houses and even the weather. The app is for cities Bogota, Santiago and Mexico City.

How Coca-Cola & Civico Works With Plot Projects?

Coca-Cola has arguably the best product distribution in the world. To maintain this position they want to focus on some key areas where they think there could be room for improvement. One of those areas was Bogota in Colombia. Coca-Cola wants to understand the movement patterns people and map that against their distribution outlets.

With Civico and Plot Projects, they are able to create geofences across Bogota and collect location data as users step in and out of the geofences. This creates a series of heatmaps with anonymised data, which Coca-Cola could use to answer questions like: which parts of the city can we improve our distribution?

What Is The Result?

Coca-Cola is able to gather up to date data in a very short space of time and very easily, with the details that they need on general people movements. Without Plot Projects, this type of information would be difficult to attain.

Using Plot Projects, Coca-Cola can collect not only location data, but also segment this data further for deeper analysis using the advanced segmentation feature. This highlights new innovative options that businesses have to understand their customers better.


The location data that Plot Projects provided us with is invaluable to our service and to our success.

Juan Agudelo, Co-Founder & CTO
Civico App, Colombia
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