Ongoing Notifications for Android 3.3.0-beta, improved iOS plugin 2.3.0-beta3 – Release notes 9 November

During the last two weeks, we focused on building a new feature for our Android plugin to improve performance, improving our iOS plugin, extending our reporting possibilities and making it possible to duplicate campaigns and geofences through our Dashboard.

Enhance Android performance with “Ongoing Notifications”

Starting from version 3.3.0-beta our Android plugin will briefly show an ongoing notification when updating content. The motivation for this was that it becomes increasingly hard to get background execution time with Android’s restrictions and by the use of an ongoing notification we ensure that Android will not block network activity during updates. This process takes a few seconds and will only occur 1-2 times a day. Note that it is possible to disable this feature through our configuration file. Fore more information, please see the corresponding section of our documentation.

iOS 2.3.0-beta3

In this iOS plugin version we provide a fix that improves the way we monitor exits from geofences. By this we ensure the accuracy of notifications sent upon exiting.

Support for Avro file format for reports

In the case that working with Apache Avro file format suits your business’s needs best, this is a format that is now supported in our reporting pipeline! For more information on what reports are available for you, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Duplicate campaign/geofences possibility

A new functionality is added to our dashboard: you can create a copy of a campaign, geofence or beacon. So if you need to use these duplicates, go to our dashboard and try it out!

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