Release Notes October 2014: New iOS Plot Plugin

Another release cycle finished, and as you might have noticed we have a brand new website! We have worked hard on getting it as good as possible, providing all the information you want to know about Plot Projects. In addition, we have released a new iOS Plot Plugin! The most noticeable feature is an improved iOS location algorithm, further increasing location based performance. We have also made our iOS plugin compatible with Xcode 5, lowering the requirements to work with it. This new version also solves issues that might arise from enabling data protection on your app. Other changes are minor improvements, such as an improved layout for account settings.

New Website

Slider images, clear layout, an organized menu, and even a dummy guide. Our new website is live and we are very proud of it! Faster than before and with a better look, we hope to provide a better public website for all the information you might want to know about Plot Projects.

New Plot Projects Website

New Plot Projects Website

New iOS Plot Plugin

A new iOS plug version is released, version 1.6.4, containing a better iOS location algorithm, making more use of significant location updates provided by Apple. Together with a smaller update interval, this should provide a better performance. Additionally, we have made our plugin compatible again with Xcode 5, meaning you can start using it if you have not updated to Xcode 6 yet! Also, a bug with the data protection option of iOS is fixed, preventing our plugin from working with it. Upgrade your app by downloading it from our dashboard!

Please keep in mind that when you have enabled the data protection feature of iOS, you have to ensure that the files you read in the notification filter are readable when the phone is locked. This can for example be done by setting the protection level of these files to None.

Other Improvements

This release also contains numerous small changes. An example is an improved layout in our dashboard concerning the account settings, which were notoriously hard to find.


Account Settings

Improved Account Settings

This change, and others were made because we value the feedback we get from you as customer. Keep using our product and keep in touch, so we can keep improving our product and providing you with the best possible Geofencing solution!

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