Release Notes July 2014: Statistics and Appcelerator Plugin Improvements

We have worked hard on improving our Appcelerator plugin and improving our statistics. To get more details, read on.

Appcelerator Plugin Notification Filter

We received a lot of requests for this feature and now it is possible. You can now filter out or modify notifications before they are shown to the user using our Appcelerator plugin. This functionality was previously reserved to users using the native library.

You can for example use the notification filter to personalize the notifications to the specific user of the app. Another use could be to filter out notifications that don’t match the interest of the user. Both examples make your notifications more relevant, so your users will be more likely to open these notifications.

To start using this functionality, update the Plot plugin to the latest version from the Marketplace. For more information on how to use this feature, look at the readme:

Stats are More Reliable

We improved the collecting and calculation of the statistics. This should make the statistics more reliable and opens the way to offer more statistics in our dashboard. You will see more of this in the near future.

When you have questions about the use of the Plot plugin in your app that is currently not available in the dashboard, please let us know. This helps us deciding what statistics we will provide in the dashboard in the future.

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