PlotProjects featured on De Barometer TV!

PlotProjects is proud to announce we’ve been featured on De Barometer TV! Tune in to see us on De Barometer RTLZ Season 18, Episode 17.

Here’s a snaky peek at what’s to come. This video is just a short snippet – check back for final film coming soon!

PlotProjects on De Barometer TV

Find out more about location-based technology, including hot topics like privacy and transparency, consumer trends, and new innovations in geofencing. And discover how consumers are driving the demand for location based-services, including curbside pick-up and click & collect. PlotProjects powers many innovative use cases such as seamless check-in/check-out, child safety, and environmentally conscious apps.

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Ready to get started? Powering your app with location-based technology is a powerful and cost-effective way to optimize user experience and engagement. If you need help getting started or if you want to find out more about how our platform can drive results for your business, contact PlotProjects today.

You can try our demo app for free, or download one of our customer’s apps to see how it works.

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