Location Permissions Dev Guide

Getting Your Users Ready to Opt-in for Location Permissions [DEV GUIDE]

Asking your users for permission to use their location or send them notifications is a process that has to be done both on iOS and recent versions of Android. This guide explains:

  • Why the opt-in is needed in the first place
  • How it works on iOS and how it will change on iOS11
  • How it works on Android
  • How to ask for permission without surprising your users and in the end getting a higher opt-in rate.
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10 Ways to Use Geofencing and Beacons for Events, Conferences and Festivals to Increase Attendee Engagement

Organizing events is all about creating a memorable experience for attendees, whether it is a conference, a festival or even a baseball game. Book inspiring speakers, exciting acts, build an app… you’ve got this down. But in an increasingly digital world, what can you do to make it just that much more special? Geofencing and beacons give you tools to give app users a standout experience when attending your event. Here’s a few ways you can be contextual, innovative, and fun!

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