Plot Projects News: Support for iBeacons & POQ Use Case

Were you dreaming of being able to send notifications to your customers when they walk around a specific department of your store, or pass by a certain aisle, a shelf or a product? With our new iOS Plot Plugin it is possible!

iBeacon Support

Plot Projects supports iBeacon Notifications

We have equipped it with support for iBeacons. iBeacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that can be set up inside your store and that can detect nearby iPhones. With iBeacons you can send notifications within smaller “geofences” (1 – 30 meters). Now you can register your iBeacons and create accompanying notifications, that will be shown to your customers when they are near an iBeacon, – all in our dashboard. Moreover, you can use all the other valuable features of the Plot Dashboard for your iBeacons, such as Notification Statistics, Time Spans, Notification Filter and more.

Click here if you would like to start sending iBeacon Notifications.

Featured Customer: Poq Studio

“Plot Projects’ geo-fenced notifications solution is very slick and easy to set up.”
– Michael Langguth, co-founder of Poq Studio

We are glad to introduce one of our new customers – Poq Studio. Poq Studio is a London-based app commerce platform empowering retailers to deliver world class shopping experiences to mobile consumers.

This March Poq Studio implemented the Plot Plugin into an app of one of its clients – Moda in Pelle, a women’s shoe brand that has been a favorite of British women for close to forty years.

Geofencing Notification Moda in Pelle

With Moda in Pelle app you can get catwalk-inspired designs at your fingertips: you can browse and shop its full collection, stay up to date with its latests news and offers, and a lot more.

The Moda in Pelle app uses the Plot Plugin to enhance its customers experience and make them happier by notifying them when they are near its special deals and sales.

Poq Studio is soon going to launch the Plot Plugin for BoxPark, Blue Inc and more of its clients.

New App Users VS Active App Users

Did you know that 26 percent of users open an app once and never use it again? So, how do you make them come back more than once? How do you turn new app users into active app users? The answer is ENGAGEMENT.

Read more about how Plot Projects can help you engage your customers in our blog post “New App Users VS Active App Users”.

Plot Projects activates app users

For all the Plot Projects updates in March read our Release Notes.

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