Plot Projects News: Plot Plugin Upgrades & Geofencing for Wearables

We further improved our Plot Plugin for iOS; integration is now even easier than before. It’s only 4 lines of code; as easy as pi!

Plot Projects Location Based Notification in a Pebble

As easy as pi!

Of course, easier Plot Plugin integration for iOS means easier documentation.

Have a look yourself.

2014: The year of Wearables!

Wearables is the new buzz word for Techies and Marketers; gadgets like Google glass and iWatch are going to change our lives! But what does it look like? Plot has been testing Pebble smart watch and is absolutely convinced of the impact wearables like these will have on our lives.

Hereby a sneak peak what it looks like in real live. Soon you’ll read more on this topic in the media, we’ll keep you posted!

Segmented Stats

We’ve added notification statistics to our dashboard. This way you will be able to analyze the performance per notification, allowing you to learn and optimize your Location Based Notifications. You will find a ‘stats’ button behind all notifications in your Dashboard. The cumulative statistics of all your notifications can be found in the analytics tab.

Check out your own statistics.

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