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Plot Projects News: Campaign layer & CocoaPod support

Create your campaigns easily!

Campaigns in Plot Projects Dashboard

Campaigns in Plot Projects Dashboard

Newest cool tool introduced to the dashboard: the campaign layer! This new awesome feature allows you to create a notification and make it eligible for a set of Geofences. Let’s say you want your users to receive your notification the next time they pass by one of your stores. The days when you had to assign this notification to every Geofence one by one are over, you can now assign a notification to several Geofences at once. Just go to your dashboard and give the campaign layer a try, it’s super easy!

We now support CocoaPods!

Plot Projects now supports CocoaPods
To simplify the process of integrating and updating our plugin into your XCode project we have created our own podspec for CocoaPods! CocoaPods is a popular way to keep track of your library dependencies when developing for iOS. If you are not yet familiar with CocoaPods, check out their site! The only thing you have to do to integrate our plugin is add the following line to your Podfile: pod ‘PlotPlugin’. Of course integrating our plugin the old way by copying the library into your project yourself still continues to work.

For more information see the full iOS integration guide!