New Android and iOS stable versions & Dashboard Improvements – Release Notes 13th of August

During the last few weeks, we released a dashboard improvement and presented new stable versions of our plugin for both Android and iOS.


For the dashboard, we brought an improved tag search. Just start typing and you’ll see tag suggestions from your Plot app. This change makes it easier to create new campaigns reusing your existing locations. Our Facebook Places integration in the dashboard now features Category Search. Try it out and let us know what you think. We also improved the layout of the profile page, this revamped version shows clearer where your users are.


We stabilized our first 3.x version for iOS. Therefore, iOS plugin version 3.0.0 is now available! It features higher accuracy, especially with a high number of locations, and more efficient data usage. Furthermore, we also released Android 3.7.1 which introduces a novel feature dubbed, external triggers. The aforementioned feature makes it possible to use your custom triggers alongside the triggers the Plot plugin provides out of the box.

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