👍 Emoji in Notifications Make Your Life Better 👍

Struggling to engage your app users? It’s difficult to stand out and get your message noticed in the crowd 😳  Well, struggle no more, be Emojional!

With this new product feature from Plot Projects you can insert 😂  or 🦄  or 🍣  directly into your location based notification and see the engagement rise. Plus, you can make your messages shorter by replacing words with emojis.

Emoji Impact on geopush notifications CTR

How are Emojis Performing?

There above data is based on a small experiment of 10 000 notifications. The results are statistically significant and we see an almost 2% CTR improvement. iOS users appear to be more influenced by Emoji than Android users. For more insights into user engagement and why iOS users open fewer notifications than Android users have a look at this blogpost.

How to Set Them Up

1. Create a new campaign or edit an existing notification message in your dashboard
2. Select any emoji you would like to add using our emoji panel
3. Voila

Easy peasy 🍋 squeezy!


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