New App Users vs Active App Users or Why App Engagement is Key

We are very often asked the following question:

“I want to promote my app and I already use mobile banners, voucher apps and billboards to do just that. Why should I then integrate the Plot Plugin into my app?”

This post goes to all those of you out there who’s still wondering whether to focus on app user acquisition or app engagement.

Let’s clear up one thing first – what is it exactly that you want when you say ‘promote my app’? We’ve got to tell you that promoting an app can mean two completely different things. Do you want to acquire more app users or do you want to activate your current app users?

If you want the former then you should just continue using voucher apps, mobile banners and billboards because that’s as far as promotion goes with them – all they do is invite potential users to download your app.

But what happens after you got all those users? While high download numbers always feel great, they can be misleading. Did you know that 26 percent of users open the app once and never use it again? So, how do you make them come back more than once? How do you turn new app users into active app users? The answer is APP ENGAGEMENT.

You need to engage your app users. How do you do that? You need to provide them with relevant, useful and timely information which is exactly what the Plot Plugin can help you with. With our plugin installed your app can send notifications tailored to your users personal preferences at the right time and location. By sending relevant location based notifications to their current users, our customers experience an increase in the usage of their app of over 200%!

Acquire new app users VS engage current app users

As you can see in the above figure, it is possible to acquire new users but if you fail to engage them, they will forget about your app and eventually delete it.

The secret to a large engaged user base is activation. Activate your users in the right way and they will not only stay engaged, but spread the word about your app because as you may know happy users are your best ambassadors.

“So, do I abandon the voucher apps, mobile banners and billboards then?” – you are asking yourself now. No, you don’t. We recommend you make the best of the combination of both – increase your user base with voucher apps, mobile banners and billboards and keep them with the Plot Plugin.


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