React Native support, new Android Beta Release, new analytics filter options and faster reporting – Release notes February 16th 2018

In this second month of the year we bring you some new features and improvements. We added support for React Native, it’s now possible to integrate our plugin in projects using this framework. A new version of the Plot plugin for Android was released, 2.5.0-beta, which includes performance and reliability upgrades. A new filter option was added to the Analytics page of the dashboard to further enhance it’s search capabilities. Dwell reporting also got an upgrade, the data used to generate these reports is now accessible four times faster.

Added React Native support

React Native is now one of our supported platforms, you can use it for both Android and iOS. All features available when implementing natively are also applicable when using the React Native framework. Check our React Native documentation for more information.

Improved battery performance

In the newly released version of the Plot plugin, data updates cost less CPU time which consequently leads to battery savings and overall improved efficiency.

Improved geofence trigger reliability and accuracy

The version 2.5.0-beta for Android also employs slightly revamped logic for dealing with geofences. This increases the reliability and accuracy of triggers in geofence enters, exits and dwells. Additionally, an issue where the notification filter/geotrigger handler would not finish executing due to Android’s battery saving policies was resolved.

Plot configurations are now alterable programmatically

In previous versions, the Plot configuration could only be set via a settings file. The latest version also allows the configurations to be set programmatically. This feature grants the possibility to load configurations dynamically and on demand. Furthermore, on Android it can be used as an alternative to the notification filter when setting the notification icon reliably, considering that setting the notification icon from the configuration file, in some cases, results in the icon not being properly loaded. This, for example, can happen when the shrinkResources feature is enabled. Check our Android documentation and iOS documentation for more information.

New analytics filter

Our dashboard got a new addition to the Analytics page. There is now an extra filter option that allows you to filter the shown data by campaign.

For your convenience, both filters have an autocomplete feature, so that you don’t need to look in other pages.

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