iOS 3.5.3 & 3.5.4 Bring Improvements for Event Filter & Analytics

We’ve just released the newest versions of our iOS plugins – version 3.5.3 and 3.5.4. The latest versions include improved performance for our Event Filter, and we’ve added an additional data property that can be retrieved for analytics.

iOS 3.5.3 was released on December 12, 2022, and iOS 3.5.4 was released on December 13, 2022. The releases include the following updates:

  • Support for retrieving device ID from Plot interface.
  • Fix for an issue with the Event Filter causing some events to be discarded.
  • Improvements to help capture more analytics and deeper insights.

Improvements to Event Filter

iOS 3.5.4 includes improvements to our Event Filter feature. The Event Filter is a privacy conscious feature, giving you full control over the what data is sent where. With Event filter, you can decide what data leaves a device and what stays.

For example, data can be sent to our backend for additional processing and reporting. Or it can be sent directly to your backend. As an added layer of security, we even give you the option to drop the data at device level so that it never leaves.

The latest update brings improved performance to this feature. We’ve also addressed as issue which may have prevented some events from being sent while using the Event Filter functionality.

Expanded available data properties

We’ve also made some improvements to expand the data properties that are available in the iOS version of our plugin. iOS 3.5.3 gives you the ability to retrieve a device ID from the Plot interface, making it possible to capture even better analytics and deeper insights.

Check out our full iOS documentation for integration steps and technical release notes. You can also manually download the library and example here.

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