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Android 3.6.1 And 3.7.0-beta, And IOS 3.0.0-beta Plugin Release And Launching Of User Profiles  – Release Notes 27th Of May

Android 3.6.1 and 3.7.0-beta, and iOS 3.0.0-beta plugin release and launching of User Profiles – Release notes 27th of May

With Summer knocking on the door, we at Plot Projects continue pushing to deliver new and better functionalities. These last few weeks we worked on releasing new mobile SDKs for both native platforms and data analysis tools to the dashboard. On Android, we introduced a new feature dubbed “External regions” that allows 3rd party enter/exit triggers to be processed by Plot and a bug fix regarding the A/B testing feature. The iOS 3.X plugin was also improved with an increase in battery efficiency and multiple bug fixes. Furthermore, we introduced “User Profiles” which allows you to understand in depth who are your users and, how and where they use your app. More information about these releases and upgrades below.

Android 3.6.1 and 3.7.0-beta (External Regions)

The former minor release, version 3.6.1, comes with a fix to an issue that impacted the experiments A/B testing functionality. If you use or intend to use this aforementioned functionality, we advise you to upgrade to this or a later version, in order to guarantee that this capability works correctly. The later release, 3.7.0-beta, which also includes the A/B tests fix, introduces a new feature, “External Regions”. This feature allows you to connect 3rd party enter/exit (in range/out of range) triggers, such as Eddystone, NFC, Nearables, WiFi SSID proximity (and so on), to the Plot Projects plugin so that these triggers are managed by our technology as they would be with geofences or iBeacons. The specific properties of these triggers are set in the dashboard under the “Other” tab, found in the Locations page. We created a Github example of how to use this feature with Eddystone beacons and included a properties template in the dashboard for this type of technology when creating a new Eddystone “External Region”.

iOS 3.x Alpha release

Closer and closer to a stable release, is the iOS 3.0.0-beta with some bug fixes and battery efficiency improvements. In our tests this last version behaved better than 2.X with faster and more accurate geofence triggering, less dependence on an internet connection, whilst using the same amount of battery as its predecessor version.

User Profiles

Knowing your users is key in order to deliver good marketing, with that in mind we launched “User profiles”. This feature, now present on the dashboard, allows you to inspect what is the current state of each of your users, show what are their home and work locations, and list their activity and interaction while respecting the anonymity of the users.

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