Geofencing Companies – How to Choose The Right One

Geofencing is an incredibly useful marketing tool. It offers businesses the ability to target their app users with enticing messages when they’re nearby. But with the array of geofencing companies out there, how do you choose the right one to work with?

Some solutions rely on battery-draining GPS, some are tricky to integrate, and some providers just don’t have the relevant expertise in location-based marketing. Choosing the right geofencing vendor can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your marketing campaigns.

In this post we’ll cover everything you need to look for when choosing between geofencing companies. Want to learn more about geofencing and location-based marketing? Then check out our complete guide.

geofencing companies - how to find the right one

What to look for when choosing between geofencing companies

Diversity of geofences

Not all geofences are created equally. You can geofence a business premises, a neighborhood or even an entire city. You can draw circles, polygons or any other shape that you wish to monitor. And importantly, you can create an unlimited number of geofences. But when it comes down to it, some geofencing companies are limited in scope.

When selecting a vendor, check that the software offers you scalable and flexible solutions. With the PlotProjects platform, you can create both simple and complex fences, ranging from 50m to 50,000m in radius. What’s more, our software supports all mobile systems and allows for the creation of an unlimited number of geofences around the world.

Geofencing companies who don’t rely on GPS

Some geofencing companies use GPS, but using GPS to constantly monitor a device’s location will drain the battery of that device, and will eventually lead to users uninstalling your app.

With the PlotProjects technology we use cellular and WiFi networks instead of GPS. Our technology has been further optimized to ensure that both battery use and data storage are even more efficient. This makes the battery consumption in your app negligible (around 0.1%) which will not cause inconvenience for your app users.

check battery efficiency when choosing between geofencing companies

Accuracy and reliability

Can you manage the timing of your notifications? Do you want to avoid spamming your users? Then it’s important to look for a geofencing company who can deliver accurate and reliable solutions.

With the PlotProjects plugin, the software works accurately at all times, whether that’s when your app is running in the background, when it’s in a pocket and even when it has been actively killed. With dedicated anti-spam tools and accuracy to within 10 meters, you can target consumers with notifications at exactly the right time and place.

Location data collection 

Location-based marketing is more than just sending location-based notifications. It’s about understanding your users’ behavior in the real world, and using it to personalize and enrich customer experience. The geofencing company you work with should be able to actively collect location data about your users in order to gather these valuable insights.

With a geofencing platform like PlotProjects, you can gather a wealth of user data such as foot traffic, dwell time and visit history. And unlock even more granular insights with user profiles, heat maps and tools for setting up listening campaigns, interest based audiences, home and work targeting and much more.

By gathering valuable insights and using multiple targeting options you can communicate with your users more effectively and maximize your opportunities for conversions

A full-featured geofencing dashboard

The best geofencing companies should offer easy geofence management, giving you full control to build, manage and optimize your geofences. We’ve mentioned diversity of geofences, but a good dashboard should also offer features like support for beacons, a time manager, bulk uploads and updates.

Also look out for fully comprehensive analytics, both aggregated and geofence specific, so that you can overview your app performance and geofence specific data for further insights. Not to brag, but the PlotProjects dashboard offers all of this. 

The best geofencing companies offers geofencing and beacons

Easy integration 

It’s all very well finding the right software, but how easily can it be implemented? You don’t want to waste development time. Quick to set up and easy to use, our software is available for all platforms and allows you to bypass all of the problems, bugs and limitations you could face on your own. 

In addition, our solution is easy to integrate across your entire digital infrastructure, so you can create easy and flexible connections from your app to any customer data, geofencing marketing automation or analytics platforms.

Look for experienced geofencing companies

There are so many geofencing companies out there, but some of them just don’t have the relevant expertise. You’ll want to work with someone who’s highly experienced, flexible and who has a strong network of contacts. You need look no further. When working with us you can rest assured that we will have the experience, expertise and tools to take care of your business as if it were our own. 

Why PlotProjects is the best geofencing company to work with

  • Easy management of your geofences
  • The ability to create, manage and monitor your campaigns seamlessly
  • Create an unlimited amount of geofences or any size and shape
  • Make the most of robust analytics like foot traffic, frequency, dwell times and heat maps.
  • Choose geofences and beacons in combination, and edit them on the go, avoiding native amount limitations.
  • Built on years or experience and expertise
  • We’ve got you covered with geofences, beacons and location-based push notifications
  • Simple set up, easy-to-use dashboards and easy integrations across your entire digital infrastructure.

Want to give it a try? Try our Geofence demo app and you can send your first geo notification within an hour without a single line of code!

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