Release Notes December 2016: Android Plugin 2.0-Alpha

Release Notes December 2016: Android plugin 2.0-Alpha

We have been working the last couple months to create a new version of our Android plugin. During the design of this plugin we worked hard to make use of the latest features related to location accuracy and battery efficiency. Today we released the first alpha version of this plugin. Since there are a couple small breaking changes in the API for some users, we bumped the version number to 2.0.

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Release Notes August 2016: Home Page In Dashboard & Bulk Geofence Upload

Release Notes August 2016: Home Page in Dashboard & Bulk Geofence Upload

Our dashboard has undergone quite some changes this sprint; we have been busy building a new home screen on our dashboard! We now also support a bulk geofence upload, which allows you to easily download a template if you want to import a lot of geofences or beacons. Our dashboard also has received a lot of minor changes, like improved placeholders and clearer segmentation property names. Read all about it down below.

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Release Notes May 2016: Segmentation Based On User Preferences & More

Release Notes May 2016: Segmentation Based on User Preferences & More

A new release today of our plugin as well as updates to our dashboard. One thing we’ve added is the segmentation based on user preferences, for instance, segment on people who have a certain brand as one of their favorites. We’ve added better debugging information to our plugin as well, the debug log now contains device specific information, such as type and OS version. The dashboard analytics have been through a makeover, being split into notifications, geotriggers and reports. Read more about all this in these release notes.

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