Bug fixes for iOS and Android SDKs, Partnership guides and More – Release notes 6 July

Last sprint we released new versions of our Android and iOS SDKs including important improvements. We also made it easier to download tables from our dashboard and extended our documentation with new guides.

Improved downloading of tables in our Dashboard

We improved the downloading of analytics and list pages tables in our dashboard! Try it out to get the tables in csv format.

Speeding up and bug fixes in our Dashboard

For a better user experience, we replaced our infinite lists with paginated ones in the dashboard. We also fixed a bug in our cooldown period functionality. The bug would cause a delay in receiving notifications when multiple geofences were linked to a campaign, but now this is no longer the case.

Improved logging in our Android 3.x SDK

Our 3.x plugin was enhanced with more verbose logging: now a warning is printed in the logs if the Google Play Services dependencies aren’t added correctly, which can be of much help during integration. The version of Google Play Services library is also logged.

Bug fixes in our Android 2.5.1 SDK

Regarding our stable Android plugin 2.5.1, we improved the ‘deeplink’ functionality (used when implementing the notification handler) to avoid task stack issues for customers using a splash screen. We also fixed a bug with the performance of our notification filter functionality. Additionally, we updated Google Play Services to 15.x

Bug fixes in our iOS SDK

In the newest version 2.1.1-beta1, we provide a fix for a bug that was affecting geofence performance when beacons were used with multiple UUIDs. We also fixed a bug with duplicate percent signs in the notification message and another issue with the notification filter not being called when the app was killed by the user.

New & updated guides in our Documentation

An improvement of our documentation was the addition of a guide that explains how to enable/disable Plot’s functionality. We have also improved our documentation regarding testing with an emulator, added instructions on how to enable debug mode in XCode for Cordova users and made some clarifications in our integration guides. Last but not least, we updated our troubleshooting guides for phonegap/cordova.

New Partnerships!

Our new partnership guides for Swrve, Clevertap, Leanplum and OneSignal are added to our documentation. If your are interested in working with our products check out the partnership chapter.

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