3 Most Effective Customer Moments to Engage

The ever-changing marketing landscape is sure to keep all marketers on their toes. In 2018, the exponential growth of users shifting en masse from desktop to mobile has hit another high. With over 50% of internet usage coming from mobile devices, the mobile marketing game is in full swing. In order to compete, you must connect.

The customer journey is fragmented but full of moments you can use as an opportunity to create new kinds of value. The combination of relevant content and choosing the right moment to engage is key when it comes to hitting that sweet spot and harnessing a customer’s intent.

Let’s zoom into a day of the best moments to engage with one customer – so you can create clear cross-benefit for both her and for your advertiser – as well as building out your business’s growth opportunities.

1. The Public Transport Commute

Commuters like your customer Anna travel like clockwork. It’s time to move past bus-stop ads and create an innovative way to tap into some of these retail therapy sessions waiting to happen. By adding value via your app by allowing your advertisers to understand an audience based on the frequency of location visits and engagement, you can roll out integrated campaigns and carve out your brand name in the local area.

2. The At-Home Browse, or the In-Store Experience?

People tend to turn to an online search and fuel themselves with research before making a  purchase. Why not differentiate Anna’s app experience depending on whether she is browsing online at home or in-store searching for the product she needs? From the comfort of her living room, serve her an inventory of relevant products personalized to her preferences.

Whilst in-store on the other hand, take her straight to experiences which will augment her real-world buying experience – like using beacons to automatically trigger product information or voucher redemption depending on which section of the shop she’s in. Sephora, for example, adds in-store value through their app by allowing customers to scan products and see online reviews, consult their customer wishlist and redeem loyalty and gift cards at the checkout.

3. The Weekend Win-Back

When Anna begins to dip her toes into the pool of competitors, it’s time for you to act and create a three-way win again through a new revenue source, advertiser value, and an offer for the end-customer through competitor conquesting. Begin by creating an audience of physical visits and targeting customers who have been to a competitor location – just like Burger King did. Re-engage them with irresistible win-back content – such as a time-sensitive offer on a ‘Big Whopper’ – or based on previous browsing history or past purchases. By creating a meaningful real-time experience, you will be back on Anna’s radar.

Making the ‘Right Moment’ Your Service-Based Differentiator

By embracing not only location-based marketing but right-moment marketing, you can find the missing link in taking effective mobile marketing campaigns to the next level for your advertisers. When choosing the right moment to engage based on your customer’s context, habits, and movements, you can start to create meaningful experiences and build long-term relationships which stand out from the crowd.

By Sophie Kraanen

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