Release Notes December 2016: Android Plugin 2.0-Alpha

Release Notes December 2016: Android plugin 2.0-Alpha

We have been working the last couple months to create a new version of our Android plugin. During the design of this plugin we worked hard to make use of the latest features related to location accuracy and battery efficiency. Today we released the first alpha version of this plugin. Since there are a couple small breaking changes in the API for some users, we bumped the version number to 2.0.

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How To Manage Resources For Background Processes In IOS

How to Manage Resources for Background Processes in iOS

A lot of app functionalities can run in the background. However, nowadays mobile devices still come with a limited amount of RAM. The working memory has to be shared with the operating system and other apps running on the device. Mobile devices also come with relatively small batteries. Performing actions in the background may reduce the battery time of these devices and could cause your app to look bad, because it shows up high in the list of battery consuming apps. So, when you run in the background, managing resources is important. This post will show you how to manage resources for background processes in iOS.

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Dangerous Permissions On Android Marshmallow

Dangerous Permissions on Android Marshmallow

Starting from Android Marshmallow, version 6.0 of Android, there will be a change on how app permissions are handled. Users will gain more control over what permissions are granted to an app. Users no longer get to see a long list of permissions when they’re installing an app, but they grant the permission when the functionality is actually used. We think this will greatly improve the control users have over their apps and also we think it will be easier for app developers to introduce new features.

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IOS9 And IPv6

IOS9 and IPv6

It is already 17 years ago that IPv6 has been released, but since then the adoption has been very slow. With the release of iOS9 it may speed up now, since Apple will require apps to work with IPv6-only networks to be allowed in the App Store. Luckily Apple makes it easy for you when your server isn’t ready yet.

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Geofencing In WebApps

Geofencing in WebApps

Geofencing We hear the question a lot, should we build a web app, should we make a responsive website or should we do both? Some advantages of having a native app over a responsive website are that you have more features of the device at your disposal and the interface most of the times works better. Some advantages of a responsive site over a webapp are that you only have to develop your app once for multiple types of devices and your users don’t have to install your app from an app store before they can use your app. The advantages of native apps over browser apps are getting smaller in the future releases of Google Chrome and other web browsers, as these advantages are slowly coming to the browser as well.

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