Android Plugin 3.16.0-alpha Introduces New Beacon Monitoring – Release Notes

Today we released the latest version of our Android Plugin, 3.16.0-alpha. The new version comes complete with some major enhancements including new Beacon Monitoring plus upgrades to existing features. The beta version is coming soon, so keep checking back for updates!

The alpha version and upcoming beta version include the following updates: 

New Beacon Monitoring

Android Plugin 3.16.0-alpha includes new Beacon Monitoring with some major enhancements! We are seeing an increased demand for beacons and we recognize the plethora of innovative use cases that are emerging. Therefore, we are constantly improving our beacon support to stay at the front of the market. 

  • We’ve introduced a new library that will manage beacon monitoring. This will result in better performance and improved distance measurement with beacons. This is in response to Google deprecating their beacon monitoring library. 
  • In addition, we’ve also improved event monitoring with beacons. Event monitoring was already possible with geofences and now it will also be fully possible with beacons! Every time the plugin detects the location of a device in proximity to a beacon, it calls a hook that you can define. 

Activity Monitoring

The latest version also includes enhancements to our Activity Monitoring feature. Activity monitor is an existing feature which allows you to identify a user’s activity and/or mode of transportation, for instance, to detect whether the user is walking, driving or cycling.

  • Upcoming enhancements will include the option of linking notification campaigns to the activity monitor. This way you can make sure that notifications are perfectly timed and always stay relevant. For example, you can be sure you only send notifications when the user begins a bus or train journey, or when they stop driving. 
  • We also plan to integrate this feature into the Dashboard which will make linking the campaign and beacon effortless!

You can find this version and all other versions on our Downloads page. And make sure to check out our full Documentation for detailed technical information.

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