Android Plugin 3.15.0 Offers Support For Android 12 – Release Notes

This week we released the latest version of our Android Plugin, 3.15.0. It features a host of enhancements including better support for Android 12, ReactNative and Google Play Services 18.0.0, plus updated Huawei libraries.

This latest release includes the following updates:

  • Support for Android 12
  • Better support for ReactNative
  • Support google play services 18.0.0
  • Deprecated ongoing notification
  • Deprecated automatic permission request
  • Performance improvements

Support for Android 12

Android Plugin, 3.15.0 is fully compatible with Android 12! This release provides stable support for Android 12, including updated libraries for Google Play Services version 18.0.0. Huawei libraries have also been updated.

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode has also been enhanced in Android Plugin, 3.15.0. Privacy is always a top priority for us and we are continually improving our privacy features. Our Privacy Mode feature gives you the option to have full privacy on the device. When this is enabled, our plugin will not store the collected data on our servers. 

Deprecated Features

We introduced a new method of handling network activity in the background. Foreground service network activity detection has been deprecated, as this was also deprecated by Google.

You can find this version and all other versions on our Downloads page. Make sure to check out our full Documentation for the most recent detailed technical information. 

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