Android Plugin 3.0 Alpha – Release notes May 9

We’ve got some exciting SDK releases, including one major version release for Android and two stable releases for both Android and iOS. This major version release, allows you to test our revamped SDK with its new location caching system, that provides improved geofence triggers and reduces data and battery usage. We also did some adjustments to the dashboard and documentation. A more detailed description of these changes is explained below.


“To infinity and beyond” could describe the changes we performed on our dashboard listings as we move back to paginated lists instead of infinite lists in order to provide the best user experience possible.


The documentation page also experienced some changes, more specifically to the sections regarding Android and iOS integration, as well as the addition of a troubleshooting guide for Phonegap/Cordova.

iOS 2.1.0 Stable release

Following the fix of two bugs, we’re happy to announce that version 2.1.0 of our iOS SDK is now considered stable. One of the fixes addresses a bug that was introduced by a breaking change on a new version of iOS where the percentage sign no longer needs to be escaped and as consequence when using the percentage sign in a notification message, the sign would be shown twice. The other fix concerns the usage of a custom notification handler and a config hook simultaneously, which would cause the custom notification handler to not be called when opening a notification after the app was stopped.

Android Plugin 2.5.0 Stable and 3.0 Alpha release

We’re happy to announce the release of the 2.5.0 Stable version with Google Play Services version 12.0.1 and of the new major version (still in alpha stages) of our Android SDK, the Plot Plugin 3.0 Alpha. With the ever growing number of geofences used in our system, in this update we redesigned our plugin with scalability in mind. We implemented a new location caching system that allows us to increase the efficiency of our location triggers, especially for high density regions, while reducing the need of an internet connection, which translates in less mobile data and battery usage. Currently, the 3.0 alpha release does not support all the features provided by our services, namely Segmentation properties,  App Cooldown and Quicksync, however these will be rolled out in the following versions.

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