Android 3.x Release Notes

Today we released the first installment of the 3.x branch for Android. This new major release focuses on improving the core system of the plugin. This plugin release brings faster geofence loading and more reliable triggers, specially for customers who have a high number of geofences in a small area. The plugin now loads the notifications of a larger area, while using less bandwidth. The notification triggers are now more reliable, particularly triggers that set of after moving a large distance.

Updating your app from using 2.x to 3.x is luckily in many cases a drop-in replacement. Almost all changes were behind the scenes. Only for customers who use the now deprecated Service classes and a few other deprecated features have to make changes. For more information about updating your app to use the new plugin, see the separate guide with instructions on how to upgrade.

The 3.x version of the plugin supports geofence and beacon notifications. Using multiple beacon UUIDs is now supported and QuickSync support is added back to the latest beta. However, country-wide notifications aren’t supported yet.

There are a couple features which are completely removed. Those features were deprecated in earlier versions of 2.x, but now they’re gone. App Cooldown set at the plugin side is no longer possible. You have to do this in the dashboard now. Notifications and geotriggers that aren’t part of a campaign (previously known as ‘single notifications’ and ‘single geotriggers’ won’t get loaded. We already deprecated that feature a while back. Creating such notifications and geotriggers is still possible via the API, but we already removed that feature from our dashboard.

If you have any questions or remarks related to upgrading your plugin to 3.x, feel free to contact your customer success manager with any questions you may have.

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