Advanced geofencing with high accuracy & low battery-use

Discover Plot Projects’ Advanced geofencing technology and support location-based notifications & background location triggers. Start for free.

Overcome all technical challenges with us.

Getting started with geofencing can be challenging and time-consuming – especially when collecting more data and using more data points: we’ve been there, done that.

Check both boxes: highly accurate data & low battery-use

Don’t waste more time on understanding the krux between data- & battery use vs. the quality and quantity of data that is collected.

Support location-based engagements on every scale

In order to fully leverage location-based challenges, the ability to scale is essential. Scalable to hundred-thousands of locations and beacons.

Save time: easy-to-use dashboard to manage all campaigns

Make sure your team can use the technology and improve their mobile strategies without the need for your support.

Plot Projects: developer-friendly by design

The Plot Projects SDK is managed by a savvy team of developers. The team understands the challenges that are being faced when developed in-house. Using our technology instead brings developers:

Advanced geofencing & beacon support

Supporting advanced geofencing & beacons challenges, including support for polygons.

Real-time location-based push & triggers

Support location-based push notifications & location triggers in real-time: get rid of technical dependencies to enable real-time engagement.

Qualitative location-based metrics

A new source of location-based metrics, such as location visits (e.g. store visits).

Accessible technology

Extensive API and easy integrations.

Flexible SDK to support all your location-driven challenges

Flexible SDK that can easily be adapted to your different location-driven use cases.

Easy-to-use dashboard for your team

Simple campaign dashboard for your team to independently manage their campaigns.


User-friendly: low data- & battery-use

Our user-friendly SDK balances the user’s battery- & data-use, and the collected location data. Also, we support offline use cases (without the use of GPS).

Visit Developer Resources →

Curious to read our developer resources, such as documentation and release notes? Find the overview here →.

Try out yourself: download the demo app

Curious to experience it yourself and test the accuracy? Download the app:



"We selected Plot Projects as the partner for geofencing and iBeacon detection, because of the right trade-off between precision, reliability & power usage, and the API implementation on both the client- and back-office side to integrate it with our systems quickly and in an efficient way."

– Zoltan Fekete, Senior Android Developer @ Marktguru, part of Prosiebensat.1

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