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Who Is ADE?

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a leading electronic music conference and the biggest clubbing festival in the world. The 22nd edition of the festival took place October 18th to 22nd 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. ADE hosted 2200 artists from around the globe, representing the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. This year, the festival attracted a record 395,000 party-goers in 120 of the best clubs in Amsterdam.

Why ADE Works With Plot Projects?

ADE Line up 2017

Navigating between hundreds of venues and acts – with events often happening roughly at the same time at opposite sides of the city – is proving challenging for many visitors of ADE. As the load of available information is heavy and strenuous to filter through, providing the right people with the right information at the right time is crucial.

In addition to being challenging to attendees, the scale of the event makes it laborious for organizer to keep track of what goes down throughout the city. As such, the objectives were the following:

ADE’s primary objective was to provide attendees with context-bound information to help them make the best out of the event.

Additionally, the festival’s organizers wished to gather location data.

How ADE Worked With Plot Projects?

1. User engagement – Location-based notifications to keep their app users informed about pop-up events, secret nearby parties and other relevant tips

2. User safety – Location-based notifications near dangerous areas.

3. Crowd management – engaging users near badge collection points and directing them to reduce queues.

4. Marketing – offering sponsored drink promotions to users near specific bars and clubs

5. User experience – saying goodbye on departure to users that have been spotted in Amsterdam during the party. Great time to promote next year’s tickets.

ADE Notification
Heatmap Location Data

6. Location intelligence – Plot Projects also helped ADE measure the movement patterns across different events, including:

  • An awesome dynamic hourly heatmap. True insights into crowd movement patterns.
  • Time spent per location – which artist drew the biggest crowd? When? Or was it a conference?
  • Visitor travel pattern – how big is ADE’s global reach? Where did the users fly in from? Did they take a train?

This data will also be used in the next year for crowd control purposes.


13.6% CTR

While the average Click Through Rate of standard push notifications typically ranges between 2 and 5%, the CTR of ADE’s location-based notification campaign reached 13.6% on average.


“This is amazing! We collected so much location insights about attendees, including which country they came from and how long they spent where. Now we can enrich our user profiles and use those insights to communicate in a highly personalised way during future events.”

Thomas H.G. Spring, Communications Manager

Amsterdam Dance Event, The Netherlands

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