Our Mission

Our goal is to to provide an easy to use, but sophisticated solution that works for any kind of geofencing scenario and campaign. Targeting of customers in marketing has traditionally been very poor, but with Plot Projects, we have the opportunity to change that.

Starting Out

In 2011, we decided that there was untapped potential when it came to mobile marketing. There was so much rich information that could be used the reach smartphone users with the right messages. We made a bet that location targeted was key to successful mobile marketing.

Launching Plot Projects

In 2012, we launched our product called Plot Plugin. The plugin allows third parties to use geofencing technology in their own apps as well as giving them full control to manage campaigns with ease. It made geofencing technology available to anyone with a mobile app!

Taking Geofencing Global

By 2015, we had grown our client base so that we were handling over 7 billion events per month! We also entered into a partnership with Swrve. Swrve has included Plot Projects technology in its MMA platform and offers it to all its current and future clients.

Our Team
Menno Kolkert

Menno Kolkert

Menno is the CEO and Co-Founder of Plot Projects. He realised early on the potential of geofencing technology for mobile apps and started the company in 2011.


Paul Everts

Paul is the Head of Product and Co-Founder of Plot Projects. The ease of use of the Plot Plugin for our customers globally is down to him. He loves pickles.


Anne van Emden

Anne van Emden is the Head of Sales and Business Development at Plot Projects. Not only is she great at guiding our global sales strategy, but also she is a kick-ass DJ with 15 years of gigs.

Mark Van Der Tol

Mark van der Tol

Mark is a software developer at Plot Projects, focused on back-end development. If anything breaks, it’s his fault. Luckily that doesn’t happen very often.


Mike van Wijhe

Mike is responsible for sales and business development. He is also an expert on getting the best out of geofencing technology and ensuring customer success.

Pyotr Li

Pyotr Li

Pyotr is a Technical Customer Success Manager at Plot Projects. Data analysis and Geofencing Marketing Campaign strategies are his forte. Obscure facts are a passion so are gadgets.

Maria Golovanova

Maria Golovanova

Maria is responsible for marketing communications. In addition to her expertise in SEO in copywriting, she has built herself a reputation for being a 76-year-old soul stuck in a 24-year-old body.

Mathilde Schneider

Mathilde Schneider

Mathilde is a marketing and communication specialist. On top of her standout writing and web usability skills, she is known for her love of gifs and silly photoshopping.

Andre Sampaio

André Sampaio

André is a full-time software developer at Plot Projects with a focus on back-end. He is in charge of the main office screen, which means it only ever showcases memes and ugly coworker pics.


Kalliopi Nikitopoulou

Kalliopi is a junior software developer at Plot Projects, having graduated from Utrecht University with a M.Sc in Computing Science. She is currently focusing on back-end development.

Yahya El Fayad

Yahya Al Fayad

Yahya is the newest arrival in our development team. He is a full-stack (is it full-stack or full stack? Been wondering for a while) developer and a pretty neat guy.


Edo Molhoek

Edo is a senior sales manager. He really likes the quote “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star”. Why? Feel free to ask him, but you might end up with a partnership agreement.

Paulo Lobao

Paulo Lobao

Paulo is a stackoverflow developer that fixes (nearly) everything you need. On his breaks, he enjoys embarrassing his coworkers with his breath-taking foosball skills.

Anastasia Muratova

Anastasia Muratova

Anastasia is a Technical Customer Success Manager, your guide through proximity marketing and location intelligence. She’s an urban explorer, yoga, photography and avocado fan.

Ferdinand Lie

Ferdinand Lie

Ferdinand is Head of Finance at Plot Projects. Besides making sure all the numbers and financial models make sense, he likes going to the gym and hosts a podcast show.

Sven Brekelmans

Sven Brekelmans

Sven is the freshest addition to the Customer Succes Team. He’s responsible for making shiny things, and making things shiny. He loves heatmaps and beautiful data.

Jurjen Van Der Zee

Jurjen van der Zee

Jurjen works for Finance at Plot Projects, other than assisting in the financial process he likes to travel and his motorcycle.

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