Geofencing messages

What are geofencing messages?

Geofencing Messages are Push Notifications that are sent automatically when someone walks by a specific location.
This could be a store, an event, a restaurant, a deal, etc…

What are Location Based Notifications?

How does it work?

Why use Geofencing Messages?

Over 40% of Geofencing Messages are opened, leading to a huge increase in the use of your app.
But most important of all; Geofencing Messages are so relevant that they lead to happy users!

Why send Geofencing Messages?

How to get started?

You can start sending Geofencing Messages in 3 easy steps:

Frequently asked questions


Click here for an interview with Gertjan Rösken, Sr. Business Development Manager at Rabobank, and find out how
our Geofencing Messages helped his company

Plot helps us activate our app-users on the locations where they can redeem their coupons. The Plot team guided us with an easy integration of their service.
Elco Jongejans Smartcoupons

It’s only a few lines of code, very quick to integrate. And it works!
Bas Koopman, Bureau Blauwgeel

Doing location services right is an art. Plot is the artist. Their simple location based service SDK freed us to focus on the next step. Plot SDK simplifies mundane tasks. Realtime location based alerts the way they were meant.
Naos Wilbrink, CTO at aFrogleap

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